‘Bernadette’ lyrics

These lyrics go along with the audition cut for the song “Bernadette”.


I’ll tell you all her history
For there’s an air of mystery
Regarding Bernadette
She’s known upon the sea
For her nerve and gallantry
And her rise to captain from cadet
From port to port all pirates quail
The sailors drink and tell the tale
Of her ferocity and skillful bayonet
But Gwendolyn, she knows
That where e’er the captain goes
She has a lifelong friend in Bernadette
For Bernadette,
In each vignette
Can hold her own, you know she needs no epithet
She vows to never be a wife
To sail the sea is her whole life
She takes the helm and wheel to dance a minuet
But she has yet
A sole regret
That she has left behind a friend she won’t forget
She has a ship at her disposal
And to Gwen makes this proposal
To set sail tonight with Bernadette