‘When You’re a Bard’ lyrics

These lyrics go along with the audition cut for the song “When You’re a Bard”.


The life of a bard can be all jocularity
Forget intelligence, strength, and dexterity
Sing! Rejoice! Rely on your voice
And charismatic smile
Remember your wits when you’re facing down danger
Then back to the inn where you’ll make friends of strangers
Weave spells with your words, knowing life is absurd
So always trust your guile
When you’re a bard, when you’re a bard
Adventure’s on your mind
Beat a drum, strum a lute, pluck a harp, blow a flute
Sing your song to escape any bind
They say you’re a knave, it’s fame you crave
They’ll keep you under guard
But until the tale’s told, fortune favors the bold
When you’re a bard